Weoxpr 10 Pack 4.3" Multicolored Resin Flower Plant Pots Thread Seedlings Nursery Pot Planter with Saucer Pallet




  • Made of brand high-quality plastic, safe and non-toxic, green environmental protection, and have anti-corrosion feature.
  • Upper caliber: 4.3"/11cm, lower caliber: 3.1"/8cm, height: 3.5"/9cm, thickness: 0.19"/5mm, strong and durable, not easy to damage.
  • Multi-Colors pots with pallets, all sets has 10 colors: purple, rose, yellow, pink, red, black, green, sky blue, white, orange.
  • There are small holes on the bottom of flower pots that keeps soil drained and ventilated, pallet with leakproof design is good for plant growth.
  • Flower pots suitable for tiny plants and ferns, succulents, vegetables, planting herbs, and annuals. Use for beautifying your room, garden and your office.
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