SEISSO Dog Brace for Canine Leg Wound Care, Band Healing Recovery, Sprains Helps with Loss of Stability Caused by Arthritis, Dog Rear Leg Braces


Size:: M


  • Breathable: It’s made of breathable neoprene, the material for wetsuit. It will help wound healing and prevent anaerobic bacterium multiplying.
  • Sturdy fixed with velcro fastener: It will fix well and please adjust suitable place for you baby dog in case of discomfort or slip-off. Easy to tie and loose.
  • Flexible Joint Moving: the two-pigment design allow dog to bend knees freely, don’t affect walking.
  • Support dogs’walking, especially those aged or wounded ones. They need such support to enjoy happy life.
  • Please measure their legs before order to makes sure best fit.
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