Pour Over Kettle Coffee Maker: Stainless Steel Gooseneck Drip Kettles for Ground Beans Hand Drip Coffees & Loose Leaf Tea - Barista Quality 1.2 liter

The Triumphant ChefSKU: SHS5XXGV3TF



  • POUR OVER COFFEE & TEA KETTLE: Brew the finest artisanal fresh whole bean coffees and organic loose leaf teas to perfection with this high quality stainless steel pour over kettle. Now you can enjoy high-end cafe quality drinks in the comfort of your own home or office for a fraction of the price. Pair kettle with your favorite coffee dripper decanter or infuser to make gourmet quality home brewed creations anytime. This is the pour over coffee maker for you!
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from dishwasher safe stainless steel, our gooseneck kettles are designed to give you years of brewing without rust corrosion or wear. Removable scald-proof top and ergonomic, easy grip angled handle are coated with heat resistant BPA free rubber shielding protecting your hands while you pour. Wide easy to clean brim features a simple three hole steam release vent to prevent pressure and boil overs. All in this classic gooseneck kettle design.
  • EASY POUR GOOSENECK SPOUT: The secret to great pour over coffees and teas is slow precision pouring. The elegant form and function of or tapered gooseneck spout allows you to safely pour boiling water with maximum control. The spout is seamlessly welded just above the base of the pot allowing gravity to gently force water through the narrow spout at the slightest angle allowing for a safe and controlled pour. A precision hand drip coffee maker for sure!
  • BREWS COUNTLESS DELICIOUS COFFEE BLENDS: Enjoy hand drip Turkish, Colombian French roast, and whole bean ground coffees along with fresh loose leaf Black, Oolong, Earl Grey, Breakfast, Black teas and more. Countless varieties of fresh brewed flavors and organic blends are waiting for you to enjoy using this classic piece of top quality kitchenware. Kettle makes for a great Christmas, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.
  • EXPERIENCE BOLDER RICHER FLAVORS: The timeless barista technique of pour over or hand drip steeping draws out coffees boldest and most striking flavors that french press and electric coffee makers tend to burn away and destroy. Use the best of the goose neck kettles to unlock the the hidden flavors, bold spices, and fruity notes in your favorite espresso beans, gourmet coffees, and loose leaf teas today and stop settling for bland instant cup coffees.
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