HOMER Garden Hose Improved Version,Garden Hose Pipe Expandable with Extra Strength Stretch Material and Brass Connectors Bonus FREE 8 Way Spray Nozzle,Carrying Bag and Holder Hanger (Green) by (50ft)


Size:: 50ft
Color:: Green


  • STRONGEST DURABLE,NO MORE BURST: Made from high-quality,durable,leak-proof materials,the water hose is sturdy enough to use it for a long time.Expanding hose guaranteed to NEVER KINK,TWIST or TANGLE.The flexible latex inner hose pipe makes it resistant high water pressure and prevent bursting.Always be sure to empty the hose after use,to protect it from the stress of being enlarged.
  • EXPANDS TO 3 TIMES IN LENGTH,MIRACULOUS EXPANDABLE: The newest and improved tightly knitted outer fabric expands up 3 times its original length when water is turned on.It starts out 33 Feet and expands to 100 Feet with water pressure,but returns in second to 33 Feet after water is out.It contracts back up to a perfectly manageable size,when not filled with water.It's compact to save storage space.
  • FREE HOSE HOLDER HANGER AND CARRYING BAG: Garden hoses equipped with garden hose holder Hanger,which can be hanged on the tap once you use it and put on the car or anywhere you would like when in no use.Great for store hose and avoid of mess.It is super light weight and convenient to carry and save space by carrying bag.
  • BRASS CONNECTORS WITH VALVE,PREVENT LEAKS AND CRACKS: Brass connector will not break,crack,leak or corrode,which can withstand temperature flexible.Expanding hose fits the typical outdoor garden taps in US,brass thread hose pipe connectors which maximum avoids of hose leaking water.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL SPRAY GUN WITH 8 SETTING PATTERNS: The HOMER garden hose pip support 8 kinds of irrigation modes including shower,cone,soaker,angle,mist,center,full,flat.Choose your loved style accordingly for your various applications like gardening,watering,cleaning pets,washing car or home.
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